ICU Used Booksale Donations

ICU Used Booksale Donations

Your books will be donated to the library.


  • “ICU Used Booksale Donations” is a system for transforming affection for books you have read into monetary donations for your alma mater.
    Books you send to Value Books (free shipping for five or more books) will be appraised, and the purchase amount will be presented to ICU Library as a donation from you. ※Since the value of used books is determined by demand and supply in the market, they are often determined to have no resale value.
    ※ICU Used Booksale Donations donates books without resale value to social welfare facilities for the elderly, overseas research institutions, etc. Through Value Books, thereby promoting reuse for the benefit of society.

  • The purchase amount of used books will be used to acquire library materials for ICU Library.


  • Donation of used books
  • Pickup/Sorting/Appraisal
  • ICU Used Booksale Donations