ICU Used Booksale Donations



  • Pack books, etc. in a cardboard box and fill out the following web form.
    The shipping company will pick up the box(es) at the designated area.
    You do not need to enclose the application form in a cardboard box when you have applied from the internet.
    Web application is only available in Japanese.
    > Web form (Japanese)
    ※Free shipping is available for five or more items.
    ※Persons under 18 years old are requested to make an application by the parents or guardians.

    Please send books which have ISBN. ISBN is short for International Standard Book Number and printed on the spine of a book.
    The following books cannot be processed:
    Books without ISBNs, encyclopedias, convenience store comics, books published by individuals, comic magazines, and magazines
    ※Even if books that cannot be processed are mixed in,
    no fees will be charged.
  • The partner company Value Books will purchase the books.
    The money from the sale of your books will be donated to International Christian University.

  • A receipt and a letter of appreciation will be sent within 10 days.

  • The purchase amount will be used to purchase books for ICU Library.