ICU Used Booksale Donations


  • Q1: Are only books accepted?

    This project also welcomes donations of DVDs, CDs, and game software.

    Please send books which have ISBN. ISBN is short for International Standard Book Number and printed on the spine of a book.
    The following books cannot be processed:
    Books without ISBNs, encyclopedias, convenience store comics, books published by individuals, comic magazines, and magazines
    ※Even if books that cannot be processed are mixed in,
    no fees will be charged.
  • Q2: Is there a limit to the number of items accepted?

    For five or more items, free shipping is available. If there are four items or less, please place them in the collection box on the first floor of ICU Library’s Main Library.

  • Q3: How much does it cost to ship?

    Free shipping is available for five or more items. We are very sorry to cause any inconvenience, but we ask you to pay the shipping costs when there are less than 5 books.

  • Q4: Can I donate books even though I am less than 18 years old?

    Persons under 18 years old are requested to make an application by the parents or guardians.

  • Q5: What happens to books without resale value?

    Books without resale value will be donated to overseas research institutions, etc.

  • Q6: Are items with pencil marks, such as checks and lines, not accepted?

    Items with marks such as lines are accepted, though their purchase price will decrease by a certain amount.

  • Q7: Can you return the books to me?

    Even if you are not satisfied with the purchase amount, books cannot be returned. Please refrain from donating books believed to be expensive or books that you have treasured.

  • Q8: Is it possible to receive tax breaks?

    As with monetary donations, it is possible to receive tax breaks, since the ICU Used Booksale Donations project qualifies as a donation to a specified public service promotion corporation. If you would like to receive a tax break, please contact International Christian University Advancement Office. A receipt for the donation amount, etc. will be sent two to three months after books are collected.

  • Q9: Where is the contact information?

    Value Books has been asked to collect, sort, and purchase used books.
    Value Books
    TEL:0120-826-292(Only Japanese available)
    Hours: 10:00-21:00
    (10:00-17:00 on Sundays)

    Inquiries regarding donations:
    International Christian University Advancement Office
    10-2, Osawa 3-chome, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo, 181-8585, Japan
    Tel: 0422-33-3041
    (9:00-17:00 excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)